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Director's Message

Mr Rajiv Malhotra – BA.LLB

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

This quotation couldn’t have been put in better words. This summarizes everything else here. Great leaders come with a sense of responsibility to have an equilibrium between character, business foresight and performance. They look at their business with humility, integrity, honour, courage, vision, but most of all, the focus. To strategically plan things and ensure catalyzation of cooperation from all is what a good leader is all about.

One of our finest Board of Directors, Mr. Rajiv Malhotra sums up everything that we have mentioned above. A Law Graduate, a serial entrepreneur having interests in varied fields like Hospitality, Real Estate, venture funding, etc., yet the torch-bearer of the LPG Stoves manufacturers fraternity, spearheading the kitchen appliances industry since 37 years, Mr. Rajiv comes with true leadership qualities and has taken special initiatives to introduce in his sector high energy-efficient products, to save the Taxpayers’ money, and at the same time contributing positively towards global warming and creating a sustainable environment.

Mr. Rajiv Malhotra comes up with exciting, yet transparent ideas about what he wants from his employees, where he wants to lead them to and what exactly is he striving for. With years of experience in strategic planning and meticulous implementation of plans, we see Mr. Rajiv Malhotra as a shining asset of Suryaflame. His clear vision makes him a true leader and separates him from being a boss or a manager. Today, Mr. Rajiv is seen as a transformational leader at Suryaflame; someone who will get the job ready by tapping into the emotions of employees of this company. Undoubtedly, he is a loved leader of Suryaflame with a virtue that is mostly absent in leaders, i.e., courage.

His willingness to take risks with conviction and assurance makes it possible for the company to make it large. Suryaflame needs such leaders who can vision this company as the soul of every household and lead it from the front. Mr. Rajiv Malhotra is just doing that with his own sense of style and identifiable outward peculiarity of vigour, honesty and courage.

Mr Vansh Malhotra – MBA

Mr. Vansh Malhotra, anundergraduate from Britain and a Masters in Business Management from the US, has taken a cue from his father Mr. Rajiv Malhotra. Immediately after his Post Graduation, the idea of Stuffa was conceived by him, which became a reality within a year. Soon, Suryaflame started rolling quality LP Gas Stoves. Since then he has not looked back, the Company is growing leaps and bounds under his leadership.

Leadership depends upon your communication art. In the words of Chris Hadfield, “Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team focussed on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine.” Mr. Vansh Malhotra has mastered the art of leadership by translating and transforming his vision on papers to reality. He is doing the right things by bringing in his educational experience and imbibing the modern principles of management into the company’s blood and soul.

Walking the footsteps of his father, Mr. Vansh Malhotra is setting up the yardstick of work quality at Suryaflame by creating such an environment where everyone expects excellence. He has been inspiring the company and its employees for maintaining a durable trust of customers into our product lineage.

To get overwhelming results, it is important for a leader to manage work and employees while ensuring that their cohesive efforts materialize into colossal results. Remaining calm during such situations which others see as crisis and being quick on his feet, Mr. Vansh Malhotra possesses such qualities that make our company hungry for achieving the best results and pushing our own milestones.

Balancing different personalities, ensuring that there are least possible conflicts here and keeping everyone’s interests in mind is what Mr. Vansh Malhotra visions. His commitment, ability to lead and delegate, positive attitude, ability to inspire, honesty, communication with subordinates and top brass, intuition and zeal to make it large encapsulates into the veins of this company.

His ability to find remedies and going past the faults of people makes Mr. Vansh Malhotra a vital board leader of Suryaflame.

Mr Vaibhav Malhotra – MBA

Harvey S. Firestone once said that growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. Mr. Vaibhav Malhotra, the youngest Board of Director at Suryaflame abides by this rule since the beginning. Mr. Vaibhav Malhotra completed his Post Graduation from London after his Under Graduation from the U.S. Being the youngest entrant into the Organisation and rich exposure to the national and international business world; he instilled new ideas and innovations. Today his products are on all the shelves of all the Modern Trade outlets. The Company witnessed a fierce growth and moulded it to what it is today. Mr. Vaibhav envisages his Company scaling the Rs. 1,000 crores mark in ensuing 5 years.

Unlocking the hidden potential of this company, Mr. Vaibhav Malhotra is only aspiring to become better, while also making the Company huge. With acompelling vision of 1000-crores, comprehensive planning and relentless implementation, Mr. Vaibhav Malhotra taps the window of new opportunities and doesn’t pull down shades. Instead, he opens the window to ensure that his company is at the highest aim of vision.

He believes in seizing the opportunity and progressing courageously and aggressively towards success with more hunger and fearlessness. Mr. Vaibhav Malhotra has brought the element of speed in actions of this company, by inspiring employees to be enthusiastic for collective success of all. Boosting the morale of his employees, Mr. Vaibhav Malhotra has an infused sense of humour and communicated with young employees like his own brethren. In a competitive world, where complex threats await a company at every turn, Mr. Vaibhav Malhotra ensures principle diplomacy and strong willingness to swing into action.

His high expectations are today, driving the company to a milestone that seemed unimaginable a few years ago. Today, we are all, at Suryaflame willing to work towards a landmark 1000-crore mark with a game that is as strong as never before. His transparency, truthfulness and yet, a conscious vulnerability of moments make him as normal a human as other employees of this company. This is what separates him from everyone else. And, this is what drives him to be the best than anyone else!