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CSR- Company Social Responsibility

Success hasn’t been confined to the realms of the corporate world today. In contemporary times when so much is happening around the society, it becomes the responsibility of the well-educated richer strata to take it upon themselves and help uplift the nation as a whole. Creating strategies around agility to execute multiple tasks is what is required from the modern companies. Abiding by our commitment towards our society, we, at Suryaflame understand our corporate social responsibility towards the most vulnerable of all- the visually impaired girl children.

Corporate cultures can bring about minor, yet powerful changes in the society. We believe in understanding our responsibilities and fulfilling them diligently; we are trying to do our bit for the society. Suryaflame works in this arena by lending a helping hand to visually impaired girl child and periodical wed locking the impoverished girls of the society.

Attitude can be a mirror that gives you a glimpse of a company’s mind and its way of working. How we act reflects our thinking and the mechanisms of our company. By working towards the most vulnerable sections of our society today, we also wish to motivate our employees to do the same. We take it as our social responsibility to help poor and deserving girl children, walk hand in hand with the mainstream daughters of our country. These girls, we believe, are as much our daughters as the ones in our homes. Suryaflame stands with all such visually impaired girl children and helps them with monetary and emotional gestures.